Breaking the 60 mph Barrier

This post has to be short because I am very busy so I am sorry for the shorter post.  Today was the first day of my ski season and I decided to try out this app I got called SkiTracks.  This app tracks your runs down the mountain and gives you data on it.  This includes max speed, average speed, distance travelled, elevation lost and many other things.  Since it is the start of the season the snow is not particularly soft.  There is a lot of man-made snow and no powder.  This makes for some fast skiing conditions.

It was opening day for Aspen Mountain and there were not to many people.  There is a certain run called Spar Gulch which is groomed and somewhat steep.  It is long so you get a while to build up your speed.  Anyways I always love bombing down this run.  Today I went down it like I have in past seasons but probably a little faster than normal because I wanted to see how fast the app said I went.  At the base of the mountain I checked the app and I had gone 60.2 mph!!  That amazed me.  Now of course I was not going this fast for very long but still…60.  My first thought was no way I am 5 foot 4 inches 110 pounds, I couldn’t go that fast.  It turns out that the app is very accurate and I really did go that fast.  The only problem is that since I can now see my speed I will constantly want to make it faster.  I have a feeling this will eventually lead to a trip to the hospital.

Hopefully that does not happen because I would be pissed if I missed a ski season.  I wish all of you great seasons and make them injury free.  Oh and by the way, Happy Thanksgiving!!  Tell us about any cool ski stories you have in the comment section.

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