Skiing Season

The ski season starts soon and I have been waiting to long.  The last month I have been watching ski videos of people shredding up fresh powder and making me jealous.  I have been waiting to go skiing again since the end of last season.  Videos like The Art of Flight and this GoPro video would make anyone want to ski/board.  This Thanksgiving will be the start of my ski season.  

Photos like that get me pumped up.  This season I am looking forward to some things I have never tried.  I would like to Cross Country Ski (good cross training for Cross Country running).  I am also hiking a 14er and skiing down!  A 14er for those who do not know is a mountain that is taller than 14,000 feet.  I have hiked the mountain in the summer but never would I have thought  winter! 

The new season brings new gear.  I am a highschool student so it seems like I am growing an inch every year.  Trying on new boots is always a pain.  Having your foot crunched in a boot, no matter how comfortable, hurts after a full day.  Although it sucks while skiing, taking the boot off is the best feeling in the world.  I have been skiing for 12 years (I am 14) and everyday when I walk to the locker room I think about taking those boots off.

Skiing also brings inevitable injury.  Since I am a kid and us kids do dumb things, there is usually an injury somewhere in the season.  Nothing that will keep you out for a day but maybe a signal to tone it down.  Us kids get injured by either getting big air and falling while trying to do a trick, seeing who can ski the bumps straight down or sledding on your skis.  Sledding on your skis involves taking off your skis and sitting on them while going down a run screaming for dear life.  

I am definitely looking forward to hitting the slopes.  Tell me your stories, what kind of snow you like and where you ski in the comments!

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4 Responses to Skiing Season

  1. says:

    How dare you to already talk about skiing?! I have to wait for January, were I’m going to Austria in the alps with 2 of my friends from boarding school. Well, actually I already wrote an article for a magazine about skiing gadgets and I also have watched the Art Of Fligt and several videos on Youtube about Go Pro HD Hero 2, so I am not better 😛

    In my opinion it’s cheat that you americans can already ski, at Thanksgiving. I have a friend, who’s exchange student in Minneapolis and I assume he’s also going for a skiride this weekend 😦

    Have a nice time on skies, in the mean time I’ll wait for January when it is my turn 🙂

  2. says:

    And I’m going there twice. First time in January, just passed new years evening with some friends from boarding school to Bad Gastein in Austria and later in February with my family to a place called Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

    Have you ever tried skiing in Canada? 🙂

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