How To Enjoy Running

Running, for most, is tiresome exercised that they have to do when being punished in a sport.  For a small percentage of people, it is fun.  I personally am an avid runner.  A lot of people want to get into running but are faced with pain and just can’t get themselves to do it.  Here I will explain how to start enjoying your runs and instead of thinking about how close you are, think about how you want to just keep on going.

You will need a good pair of RUNNING SHOES.  Some people think they can just run in their basketball shoes or trashed sneakers.  surprisingly if you want to feel good while running you need running shoes.  They should fit snuggly and give you good ankle support.  You also will need to have proper running form.  You should not be taking huge strides while slamming your feet into the ground.  Your footsteps should barely be heard by you.  This website will tell you how to run with proper form.

This next step is the hardest part..  You will need to run for about a month.  This is going to suck at first.  All you want to be doing is long slow runs.  Start off with going 2 or 3 miles a day.  Do this a few times a week.  Then bump up your mileage to 4 miles.  You should start running more often.  Keep doing this for about a month or two.  This is going to be tough and you will probably want to stop.

One of the days you will be jogging along and its going to feel like a huge weight was lifted off your shoulders.  Instead of feeling dead tired you will actually feel good, crazy right!  This is called runners high.  Your going at a decent pace, feeling light on your feet and you feel like you could go forever.  All stress seems to melt away as you focus on the patter of your footsteps.  After the run you will feel less stressed out and your mind will be clear.  Runners high is not something you will feel every run but you will feel good and stress free after your runs.  Hopefully you will continue running for fun and getting good exercise is just another plus!

I hope some of you are determined to break through that wall and start enjoying your runs!  If you experience a runner’s high tell us how it felt in the comments!

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