Album Review: Camp by Childish Gambino

Drake and Childish Gambino both came out with albums today.  This is Gambino’s first album and he nailed it.  The album is 13 tracks dealing with stereotypes and struggles growing up.  If you want to read a review for Drake’s new album Take Care, click here.

Outside:  Gambino’s first track.  This song has sweet beat and great lyrics.  Gambino talks about his struggles growing up.  Going to a predominantly white school.  He uses some deep powerful lyrics talking about his childhood.  The chorus is a choir.  It really goes well with the meaning of the song and sounds great to.  4 stars out of 5.

Fire Fly:  This song has a nice electro beat.  It is very upbeat.  This song is much more optimistic than Outside.  Gambino is reflecting on how people did not thing he would make it but in an upbeat.  He raps about how he is now entering into the mainstream and making it big. 3 out a 5

Bonfire:  This track is sick.  This song is more like Freaks and Geeks.  Gambino drops sick beat and some clever lyrics.  Every line is witty and clever.  The beat has some nice snare and something that sounds like Gregorian chanting.  Gambino goes hard on this track.  It is much more intense than the last to tracks and he talks more about women and money.  5 out of 5

Throughout the album Gambino addresses how he was put down as a kid.  He was not accepted because he wasn’t “hood.”  He also talks about the pressure of fitting in with the other rappers.  People don’t think he is a “real rapper” because he doesn’t act “gangster.”  Gambino definitely puts this dispute to rest.  He showed that he deserves attention and made a name for himself.  This album has sick beats and lyrics and is a must buy.  Remember the name Childish Gambino because we will definitely be seeing more of him.  If you want to buy this album click here.

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